Put a Pineapple on it

Put a Pineapple on it

In colonial America, the pineapple, imported from the Caribbean, was considered a symbol of wealth and hospitality. The iconic spiky shape was so well loved that builders would add decorative pineapple elements to doorways and foyers.

Now, the pineapple is back as a design influence for cocktails in a big way, showing up on everything from etched glasses to coasters to napkins.

We like the trend as a way to get that tropical cocktail vibe without going full tiki. Here are some of our newest favorite accessories:

Pineapple Tumblers

Marked by the cutest tiny pineapples, these clear glass tumblers have us dreaming about afternoon Piña Coladas.

Gold Pineapple Glass

For when we want to do some statement drinking, this solid goblet will do.

Pineapple coasters

How yummy are these summery colors?

Porcelain pineapple mug

Cast from a real pineapple, this sturdy mug is minimalist in color, maximalist in shape.

Pineapple cocktail napkins

These sweet embroidered linen napkins hit the right mix of classic and whimsical.

Do you have any favorite pineapple-themed accessories?

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