Flower Power

Flower Power

With warm enough weather to take the party outside, it only makes sense to get cocktail accessories that match nature’s best springtime blooms. Here, we rounded up our favorite garden-inspired cocktail accessories that will fit in thematically with what’s sprouting in your neighborhood. (Tip: these also make good candidates for Mother’s Day presents.)


Vintage Etched Tumblers
Gentle floral etching lends a vintage vibe to these highball-ready tumblers, which are sturdy enough for backyard use. The clear glass will help pretty herb garnishes and cocktails made from fresh juice take center stage.

Liberty Floral Straws
Give your garden cocktails a British accent with this heritage print straw from England’s Liberty of London, which adds a pop of color to springtime spreads.


Forager’s Cocktails book
From writer Amy Zavatto, this new book capitalizes on the emerging foraging trend, with 40 new recipes to provide inspiration for making the best drinks out of wild herbs and botanicals.


Radish Cocktail Napkins
These sweet napkins bear a simple outline stamp of spring’s garden mascot, the radish--and they’re made from recycled paper too. https://food52.com/shop/products/1864-radish-napkin


Natural Wood Muddler
For getting the most out of kitchen garden herbs or farmer’s market fresh fruits in cocktails, this muddler has a flat bottom for gentle extraction. Important: it is made from untreated wood, so no yucky finishes or varnishes will end up chipped into your drink.

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