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How to Really “See” and “Swirl” Your Wine

 So you’re at a party and someone swirls a glass of wine, holds it up to the light and comments on its "legs." Should you be impressed? Heck no. That person clearly came alone and is just trying to get some attention. The only reason to hold a glass up to the light is because you’re looking for…
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Should You Tip On That Bottle Of Wine? Heck Ya!

 How much do you tip on a bottle of wine? It’s like one of the great mysteries in life – along with Where’s Elvis? How the heck did they build those pyramids? and What exactly do the Kardashians do? So let’s put an end to the enigma. While there are no right answers, here are a bunch…
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Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable: Does It Matter on a Wine Bottle?

This whole organic thing has taken on a life of its own. It should be very simple -- are you saving the Earth or not? As far as winemakers go, the answer is probably some version of “Absolutely!” Remember, winemakers are farmers first so they’ve been working with Mother Earth from the moment they picked up the shovel. But…
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Join us at 80 Sips Chicago – For Free!

Around the World in 80 Sips Chicago is back and better than ever. This year’s event will take place at the ultra-hip Studio Paris Nightclub on Friday, June 17th. As a special thank you to our TasteAgents, we are giving you the opportunity to attend this event for free!
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Merry May sips!

Our monthly events calendar is back from an extended winter hibernation with a special extended May Events Calendar. The flood of summertime wine events is officially underway. There are great sips all over the county from New York to New Orleans and LA, San Francisco and even Nebraska. Elevating Zinfandel, Los Angeles, California, May 5 WineLA has…
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Prosecco Shortage? Not This Year So Drink Up!

There’s a Prosecco shortage! No, there’s not. So pour a glass and relax. There is definitely a big increase in demand, particularly in the UK, which was only introduced to Prosecco back in 1989, when Gianluca Bisol, of the Bisol Winery brought his family’s Prosecco to London. And the Millennials here at home are scooping it up. Prosecco…
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