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Happy National BBQ Day!

So today is National BBQ Day! May is also National BBQ month, National Burger month and any other excuse you can find to eat charred food. And while everyone is going to make wine suggestions, here’s what we think: The best thing you can pair with your barbeque is sunshine and good company. So drink…
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3 Essential Greek Whites

White wines from Greece are super hot in the sommelier community right now, and for good reason: the combo of food-friendly acidity, unique character and great value make them a no-brainer for a wine list.  And those are the exact reasons you should consider these wines for home too. But it’s understandable you’re cautious. You’re never going…
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Decanting Wine Does More Than Impress Your Date

You know how to create the ultimate romantic evening: you light the fire, put on Barry White and decant the wine.Something about pouring wine out of decanter makes the experience so much more sensual – especially with Barry’s soulful voice in the background – and it certainly makes you look like you know what you’re doing.But beyond…
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Happy National Moscato Day!

 Happy National Moscato Day! Sweet little moscato was known mainly as a dessert wine but then found itself in the midst of a messy fight with Cristal and the hip-hop world. The rap community loves singing about the good life and that included the high-end champagne Cristal.  But in 2006, Cristal’s CEO made some unfortunate, misconstrued comments…
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Lambrusco: The Robert Downey Jr. of Wine

We’d like to think of Lambrusco as the Robert Downey Jr. of wines. Both had horrible reputations in the 90’s.  Downey turned his life around though and we believe that Lambrusco can, uh, Avenge its past and do the same. Lambrusco is a red, frothy, effervescent wine that was long been associated with Riunite on ice, Riunite…
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Bad Memories of Tequila? Try a Chenin Blanc

   If every time you look at the scar on your knee, you’re reminded of that night you spent with Tequila, consider pouring some wine on Cinco de Mayo instead. In particular, try a Chenin Blanc. (Pronouncer here.) Chenin Blanc is a white grape from the Loire Valley that’s basically halfway between a sauvignon blanc and a…
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